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educational products for kids
We are the first who made direction of huge coloring paper in children's goods market.
We are the only ones who make educational products in this category. A big team works on each story: art director, designer, illustrator and several story specialists. These can be astrophysicists or paleontologists, urban architects or engineers.
All our products have a high quality standard - we care not only about the feeling of a wonderful young generation, but also about they health.
How we work
We create unique stories where history, landscape, main idea, education element, kind story and harmonious design are interconnected.
We use only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. On our colorings, you can swaddle babies - they are the most environmentally friendly.
Own production allows us to create products of any complexity in a short time. We are not limited to the minimum or maximum circulation or dimensions.
Coloring paper for adults - easy. We will make a story that will gather around any audience you need.
Made interactive for the public space, create educational material for a kindergarten or school, arrange a company stand at a profile exhibition, draw a whole city with detailed accuracy and humor.
Our coloring papers are sell only in the most stylish and reputable sites in Moscow, St. Petersburg, San Francisco and New York.
We have experience in creating coloring paper with factory and cities, zoos, agricultural farms and chemical factory. We made postcards, huge and big coloring paper, unique products for airlines and IT companies.

We will take into account all the wishes, add corporate style, pack beautifully, practical and ship in any time frame.
Corporate stories
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